Course instruction:
1. Every Monday 1 lecture will be displayed.
2. You are obliged to do all tasks in each module (send homework or read additional cases, articles) within 7 days.
3. The final grade includes:
-final multiple choice test (50%)
-cases, homework (40%)
-being active on forum discussions, chats (10%)

Our classes are on Tuesday at 11.30 on Teams.

The global crisis changed our thinking about economy. Recovery programs of EU and other countries are focused on sustainable development, low carbon economy and green economy. Green economy is in the center of public debate. Global players like UN, OECD, EU, ICC, ILO put the concept of green economy in their strategies. In our times green economy can be strategic issue for corporations but also SME`s. Economists, managers and financial advisers should be familiar with following ideas, which we`ll cover during  this lecture:

  • The concept of green economy – definition, principles, aims.
  • Sustainable development and green economy.
  • Brown economy and green economy.   
  • Prosperity without growth, steady state economy.
  • European Green Deal: climate changes, low carbon economy, natural resources efficiency renewable energy.
  • Beyond GDP. 
  • Greening finance: socially responsible investment, sustainable investment fund, sustainable banking, green taxes.
  • Financing the transitions towards green economy: public and private finance.
  • Sustainable production and consumption.
  • Corporate social responsibility as a tool of business transformation.
  • Environmental management (EMAS), sustainable work place, eco-efficiency and eco-innovation in industry.
  • Sustainable consumption of households and institutions (green public procurement)